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Our bees

We started with four hives, the desire to "do our bit" to help preserve honey bees in Britian and be self sufficient in producing our own honey.


We firmly believe that a spoon of local raw honey, taken daily, helps to alleviate most of the symptoms of hayfever, by desensitisng the body, through the introduction of small doses of local pollen which is contained in the honey. 


Wind forwards a few years and our passion and fascination for bees has grown and an increasing demand for high quality artisan honey means it's developed into a full time occupation.


Our hive locations

Our hives are carefully positioned on the outskirts of the High Weald villages so that our bees have access to the widest range of nectar and pollen from the local meadows, orchards, hedgerows, woodlands and village gardens. 


Pictures below of just some of the nearby sources of food our bees have access to at different times of year. 

Our Hives

Pictures from our day to day hive handling and management.....

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Bulk honey orders can only be collected by prior arrangement.

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